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Doomsday Tsunami

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Detailed Animation of the December 26, 2004 Killer Tsunami!

The deal with tsunamis is that they don't happen on their own, something else will cause them, be it earthquake, volcanic eruption, NEO strike or shift of the poles.  Tidal waves are Mother Nature's little bonus.  And, on their own, tsunamis are not likely to be the primary cause of an extinction event, but they could certainly push us over the top.  When you consider that 2.2 billion people live within 100km (62 miles) of a coastline (39% of the world's population) it isn't hard to envision the loss of tens, if not hundreds, of million lives to a major series of tsunami events.  Of course the most serious damage could come from what has been labeled a Mega-Tsunami, a wave of water 1,500 feet high (or taller), traveling at several hundred miles per hour devastating thousands of miles of shoreline on both sides of the Atlantic or Pacific.



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