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Doomsday Earthquake

The BIG one IS coming, but when and how bad?


Here's what an earthquake on the 405 might look like.

Earthquakes have historically been a stable in doomsday scenarios.  If you've ever experienced one, even a minor aftershock, it is easy to understand how that totally helpless feeling can translate into a doomsday scenario.  Reality may be somewhat different.  While earthquakes have the potential for massive destruction of life and property, the number and intensity of earthquakes necessary to dramatically affect existence of life on the entire planet would be difficult to calculate much less predict.  Even so, there is something hypnotic about the notion of Mother Earth shrugging and the rest of us being flung about like so many fleas on a juggling cat.  Consequently, we have assembled some useful links regarding earthquake activity. Below are doomsday earthquake site links:


Watch Funny Cat Clips at


Explore More Environmental Doomsday Scenarios:



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