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Global Winter Doomsday

A new twist on Nuclear Winter Doomday.


Global warming is one thing.  A Global Winter, be it from Nuclear, Volcanic or NEO origins, is yet another.  A Nuclear Winter disaster scenario is equal to a Global Winter disaster scenario.  It's the cause that separates one from the other.  Global Winter scenarios usually start like Global warming, they just don't stop.  STUFF gets thrown into the atmosphere, clouds form which initially prevent heat from escaping, but in either the Nuclear Winter or Global Winter disaster scenarios the cloud cover is so great it prevents sunlight from reaching the surface, that creates a perpetual night, causes plants to die and things get cold, VERY cold.  Break out the emergency rations and MREs, find the space heater and blankets -- prepare to bundle up by the fire -- for a long time.  It might not be a bad idea to find a book on how to survive Global Winter, how to survive Nuclear Winter, or how to live in Antartica.  Whether there is a Nuclear Winter Doomsday or a Global Winter Doomsday doesn't really matter, cold is cold.  Period.  Below are links to nuclear and global winter doomsday sites:


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