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Doomsday Climate Change

Global warming/cooling with a vengeance.


A doomsday climate change could take several forms.  A climate change brought about by Global Warming is a basis for a doomsday scenario in some circles.  A Global Winter, be it from Nuclear, Volcanic or NEO origins, is the basis for yet another climate change based doomsday scenario.  And there are those who wonder if el Nino and la Nina activity are signaling some type of climate change that could have adverse effects.  And we can't forget that there's the prophet Edgar Cayce, who predicted a catastrophic climate change caused by a shift in the Earth's magnetic poles.  The doomsday scenarios covered in this section do not deal with those gradual climate changes normally associated with increasing industrialization, pollution, greenhouse gasses, etc.  The dangers posed by all of these scenarios have one common element, life as we know it ends.  Period.  In anyone's survival guide this qualifies as an emergency.  The areas of discussion focused here are on abrupt climate change as might occur over the course of a few months or a few years and are typically triggered by an event or events external to man's presence on the planet, though many of the articles included are really old dogs dressed up in new clothes.  Some of the links will offer clues on how to survive an abrupt climate change, or how to survive an environmental doomsday.  Below are links to doomsday climate change pages, pick your particular brand of poison:


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