The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate END!

Doomsday Videos

Even with doom and gloom there has to be a lighter moment, consider these videos for a break from the worry beads.

Alien Sings the Blues
even Aliens get the blues.

Stupid Planet News Clips         Stupid People News Clips

Doomsday Videos
Asteroid Impact Simulation

Atom Bomb Newsreel

Atomic Bomb Test 1953
Beware the Antichrist

Chernobyl Legacy

Climate Change is Real

2029 Possible Asteroid Impact

Doomsday Asteroid Watch

Doomsday Asteroid in Prophecy

Earth Implosion Simulation

End of World Animation

Find more doomsday videos below:

End Times and the Mahdi
Edgar Cayce's Life Story
Four Horsemen of Revelation

Gamma Ray Burst Simulation
Genetically Engineering Humans
Genetically Engineering the Food Supply

Global Warming Evidence

Global Warming: Point of No Return

How to Survive a Robot Uprising

Hydrogen Bomb Test

Is Bush the AntiChrist?

Mt. St. Helens Erupting
Nanotechnology, Potential & Dangers
Nanowires, Nanocrystals, Nanotechnology

Native American Prophecies Fulfilled
Nuclear Weapons 101
Patong Beach Tsunami

Soccer Game Twister

Stromboli Volcano Erupting

Thailand Tsunami
The Beast of Revelation

The Rapture Survival Kit

Tornado Up Close

Tsunami Banda Aceh

Vesuvius Eruption 1944
The Final Signs
Signs of the Last Days in the Koran



Alien/UFO Videos
Alien Autopsy

Alien with Good Teeth

Alien Surveillance Probes

Aliens Among Us

Aliens in Beer Ad

Apollo 11 UFO Incident
A Visit to Area 51

An Area 51 Insider Speaks
Area 51 Alien Interview

China UFO 2006

Enorme UFO

Erskine, Scotland UFOs 2005

Famed UFO Investigator

Florida UFO Hunters

Giants & Aliens I

Giants & Aliens II
Gray Aliens
Majestic 12 Roswell Cover Up

MIG 21 - UFO Cylinder
Moses and Alien Technology I
Moses and Alien Technology II

NASA Tether UFO Incident

Phoenix UFO 2005
Roswell UFO Incident
Russian Roswell Crash Site

Siberian UFO Crash Site

Twin Towers UFO

UFO Compilation Video

UFO Crash Footage

UFO Eyewitnesses 1967

UFO Plane Encounter 1966
Vanishing UFO Incident

We are Not Alone Commercial

Yosemite UFO Sighting



Unexplained Mystery Videos
Abominable Snowman PSA
Alien Origins of Humankind

Crop Circle Being Formed
Crop Circle Photos

Crop Circle UFO Intercept

Easter Island Statues
The Hollow Earth Mystery

In Search of the Chupacabra

Kansas Skunk Ape

Kung Fu Teenage Bigfoot Trailer

Meet the Loch Ness Hunter

Malaysian Bigfoot

Mayan Blood Sacrifice

Mayan Calendar Explained

Mayan Mystery
Mayan 2012 and the Photon Belt

North Carolina Skunk Ape

Oxford Mountain Bigfoot Incident

The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines & UFOs
The Tunguska Incident
Turkish Water Serpent

View of Stonehenge

Unexplained Egypt

Teotihuacan (Aztec City)

Teotihuacan Video Tour

Sasquatch in Beer Commercial

Mysterious Duck Vortex


Conspiracy Videos

New World Order Conspiracy

WTC Demolition Conspiracy

9/11 Conspiracy Theory


Questions about the Pentagon Attack

Iraq War Conspiracy

UFO's and the U.S. Military

The Hurricane Katrina Disaster Conspiracy

Deep Secrets of September 11th

NASA's UFO Secrets

Historical Figures Warn about Secret Societies

JFK Assassination, Secret Service Stand Down

JFK, Marilyn Monroe and the Roswell Conspiracy

The Elite Serial Killers

The Conspiracy of Internal Combustion



From our sister site Juggling Cats we offer these "doomsday" videos:

Earthquake Traffic Cam
What an earthquake on the 405 might look like.

Tabasco Meteor Commercial
Perhaps this is the source of those NEOs.

Toyota VIOS Commercial
Is why there aren't more lake monster eye witnesses?

"Big Wave" Video
An alternative method of dealing with a tsunami?

Heineken Mars Rover Commercial
The question:  Would it work?

"Grim Reaper" Beer Commercial
Is this a good day or a bad one?

Volkswagen Suicide Bomber
No Doomsday connection, just funny.

Honda "Cog" Commercial
No Doomsday connection, just a classy ad?



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