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Mysterious Primates

Reports and sightings of mysterious primates, man-like or ape-like creatures whose existence has never been scientifically confirmed, have come from various parts of the world for centuries. These mysterious primates are known by many different names and come in a wide range of sizes. Some mysterious primates are reported to be as small as 3 feet tall, while others are described as approaching 15 feet in height. These online resources provide more information about mysterious primates from around the world.

Mysterious Primate Resources
Yeti - mystery primate of the Himalayas
Mystery Primate of China - The Yeren
Australia's Mystery Primate - Yowie
Almas mystery primates of Central Asia
The Florida Skunk Ape
Agogwe a mystery primate of East Africa
Arulataq - Alaska's Hairy Man
Chuchunaa mystery primate of East Siberia
Ferla Mohr the big mysterious primate of Scotland
Brazil's Mysterious Primate, the Mapinguary
The Kapre mysterious primate of the Phillipines
Koolakamba mysterious primate of Gabon and Cameroon
Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Forest People
Ucu / Ucumar / Sisemite mystery primate of the Andes
In Search of the Orang-pendek of Sumatra
A Summary of Mysterious Primates of the World

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